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Information about Dartmouth First Church of The Nazarene:

You will discover many ways to live out your faith, ways that encompass all ages and abilities. There is a place for everyone in God’s Kingdom, therefore, there is a place in our church for you and your family. We invite you to join us for times of celebrating God’s love and presence. You will find a place very much like home, where you can be yourself and be confident that you are loved. Come and get to know us. You will find there is more to our church than meets the eye.

We hope you will take a moment to read a little about us and then come and visit us this Sunday!

Dartmouth First Church of The Nazarene has the unique place of being in a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by a few much larger churches in the inner city of downtown North Dartmouth. This, by no means makes it any less important to our Lord Jesus Christ and to people of this community!

We can best describe Dartmouth First Church of the Nazarene in the following terms:

1.       It has a heart and love for the people of North Dartmouth and nearby communities!

2.       It presents living GOSPEL of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world!

3.       It declares the message of Christian Holiness to North Dartmouth and the surrounding area!

4.       It endeavors to provide a place for all people of all walks of life in this city!

5.       It’s interest is in building a Sunday School to teach the principles of God and develop the church of both today and tomorrow!

You won’t be disappointed in coming! Please come and meet our loving and caring church family and the ONE Who will make a real difference in your life!

The Church of the Nazarene...
is a world wide denomination of local churches organized into districts. Our mission is to make Christ-like disciples in the nations. We currently have local churches and organized districts in 161 countries, serving about 3 million people.

We Believe...
that the grace of God revealed in Jesus of Nazareth is sufficiently encompassing to include all people and all groups of people.

We Are A Holiness Church...
that acts on the belief that the relationship people have with God through Jesus enables people to have personal fellowship with God and to be effectively involved in His purposes for all humanity.

A Brief History of Dartmouth First Church

  • The Church of the Nazarene in Canada was born in oxford, NS in 1908. The Dartmouth First Church of The Nazarene was formed on September 18th, 1953 at 324 Portland Street in Downtown Dartmouth. Rev. J.H. MacGregor, District Superintendent for the Canada Atlantic District, Church of the Nazarene in Canada established the congregation which was considered to be a "baby home mission church". The Charter Members were Ella and James Kay, David Kay, Gladys (Ramsay) Tupper, Edith Ramsay, Elaine Lewis, Gordon Lewis and Rev. Lyle Miller.


  • On December 31, 1961, the Dartmouth congregation purchased the former Stairs' Memorial United Church building located at 3 Henry Street in Dartmouth. After renovations were completed, the first service was held in their "new home" on March 4, 1962 and the church was no longer considered to be a "home mission church" and became an "organized church". In 1968 the house next door to the church building was purchased as a "parsonage" - a pastoral residence. Both properties are being occupied for church purposes today.


  • Several pastors have faithfully served the congregation over the years and are remembered as dedicated servants of the Lord who gave much in service to the congregation and community over the last 6 decades.
  • Rev. Lyle Miller, (Founding Pastor), 1953 - 1954
  • Rev.r Clarence Ropp, 1954 - 1956
  • Rev. Owen Underwood, 1956 - 1960
  • Rev. Stanford and Mr. Ed Smith - 1960-1961,Interim pastors
  • Rev. Ray Lewis, 1961 - 1964
  • Rev. Elmer Brunton, 1965 - 1971
  • Rev. Dr. Anthony B. Sampson, 1971 - 1982
  • Rev. Donn Littlfield, 1983 - 1995
  • Rev. Robert "Bob" Barnes, 1995 - 1998
  • Dr. William "Bill" Hamby, 1998 - 2001
  • Pastor Andrew Purje, 2001 - 2002
  • Rev. Ralph G. Yarn, 2002 - present

The message is still the same and will always remain so, "Jesus still receives sinners!'

"We look forward to seeing you!"